We love to support our community

We love to support our community. For those that are not familiar with the 'Casitas de colores' project. This is a post about it.

(This is just a part of the people that worked.)

La Entrada is a gorgeous little village located in the Southern Ecuadorian Coast. The plan is to improve the quality of life of the people by transforming La Entrada into a cultural place and bring tourist.

The beautiful church of La Entrada is one of the principal places to visit, its unique crystal wall makes it amazing. You have to see it. Also the most famous bakery of the coast is located in our village. The plan is to paint the whole village and improve the services. So many people would like to come visit the unique town of La Entrada. There will be music festivals, surfing, nice coffee shops, great local food and much more art.

Sunday 29th the first 'minga'

It was a rainy Sunday morning. The first people started to show up. The mission was to clean up the area where the phase one of the project is going to have place. The street next to the church. People cleaning, pressure washing, cutting plants, kids picking up trash. It was amazing what can team work can do.

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