Supporting Local Artist

We love art and we love to support local artist. When you get to our Villa you will see and enjoy all the art we have around it. A mix or realistic paintings and clip arts are all over our Villa.

Here a little tour of all the art work he have.

It all starts at our front gate, a beautiful mural shows that you have arrived to Villa de los Sueños.

Yes! You have arrived to the place of your dreams, you are received by pelicans that love the beach as much as you and some shells.

When you get to the parking you will enjoy our mural of a classic VW.

Our breakfast terrace has a pelican. (Yes, we love pelicans)

When you get to our living room you will enjoy our decorations, we have shells, neat paintings and much more.

If you get lost our colorful sings will tell you where to go...

And finally, our five suits have unique paintings. Surfista, VW Busita, Silla, Ballena and the Penthouse.

If you are wondering who the artist is, his name is Darwin Ruiz. He is living here in La Entrada. We just love his art!

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