Archaeology Vacations Tour

We are not only a place to relax and rest. We have many fun activities for you to do. Our post from today is about one of the tours, the archaeology tour.

Photo Credit: Archaeology Vacations.

We had a terrific visit to Aguas Blancas. Glen, Kathleen and myself visited the community. We met with Luke, which is the Chief Archaeologist. We did a nice museum tour, visited the in situ 'urnas furnerarias' and then got down and dirty in the Manteño house. Kathleen tackled the fire pit and continued finding ceramics and shell. Glen was excavating a section of the house floor and encountered a rather large piece of a red-slip jar.

When we got hungry we headed off to the restaurant to enjoy the fresh air and the food of the local restaurant. After that we visited the artisanal shop in Agua Blanca, the ladies of the community demostrated their handcrafted products. To finish our visit we went to the laguna to have a cool beer and agua de coco.

It was such a fun and educational tour! I would totally recommend it.

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