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In 2017 the little fishing village of La Entrada Ecuador decided to paint all of the homes in their village an array of beautiful colors.  Along the way they invited artists from all of South American to La Entrada and Paint beautiful murals throughout the village.  Between 2018 and 2020 these artists painted over 90 beautiful murals scattered among the casitas.  A beautiful Church was also built with large glass window overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The village is now attracting many guests and is fast becoming a tourist attraction on the beautiful Southern Coast of Ecuador.   La Entrada also has two resident artists who have a beautiful Art Gallery in the village.  In addition to the Wall art in the village you can select one of their beautiful paintings in our store.   If you live in the United States these beautiful prints will be sent directly to you residence.  The proceeds of all of the street art goes directly to the Casita de Calores Project.  Twenty five per cent of the resident artists murals got to the Casita de Calores Project.

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