How it all began...

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Villa De Los Suenos

One upon a time, not so long ago, in a far away distant land,  two Gringos rode into Montañita on the Directo Bus.  It was a hot muggy, rainy February summer night in 2010.  They drug their luggage through the mud to their hostel.  


Once in their room both pouring with sweat, she looked at him and without any verbalization of any kind he knew from the look on her face that she says thinking “What have you gotten us into?” He had seen that look numerous times before so their was no question of the message being conveyed. 

His only response was to say that in a few months they look back on this experience and laugh.  Again no verbal communication from her lips.  


One year later the Villa de los Sueños rose out of what appeared to be a disastrous first night on the Southern Ecuadoran Coast.  The moral here is no matter how bad the experience seems to be, good things can come out of a husband’s stupid (not) decisions.  


La Entrada,